Started as a 1 a day photo blog, and has documented my life over the years. I started out in South Central, LA, and am now based in Oakland, CA.

hotep = peace (Ancient Egypt)


School Picture Day - I know my Mom will like this one!

Action Shot (at Great Highway at Pacheco St.)

Chai practicing walking with Mommy yesterday (at Bayview Park)

#chasingfog at the top of Bayview Park (at Bayview Park)

If you look closely you can see the Golden Gate in the background (at Grand View Park)

The moon and the sun (at The 16th Ave Tiled Steps Project)

Standing up on her own! Took her first but she doesn’t have it down yet!

One more from yesterday, I love the clarity of this picture! (at Aquatic Park Pier)

Working on walking at Aquatic Park Pier! (at Aquatic Park Pier)

Chocolate ice cream from Ghirardelli Square! (at Ghiradelli Square)