Started as a 1 a day photo blog, and has documented my life over the years. I started out in South Central, LA, and am now based in Oakland, CA.

hotep = peace (Ancient Egypt)


Throwback Thursday to this great summer! Some say blessed or lucky or thankful to describe good things in their life. Getting to spend the summer with Chai and Christina while exploring San Francisco was the best summer I could ask for. Tomorrow I start back to work here in SF at a new school in a new position. I have worked very hard to get to this point, had time to rest and enjoy my family, and I am ready for the work and challenges ahead, although I will miss everyday I don’t get to spend with Chai! (at Lake Tahoe)

Cool shot with Chai by @christinacrg from yesterday (at Ina Coolbrith Park)

Nice clear day for a long walk up and down the hills of the City (at Russian Hill-Macondray Lane District)

#chasingfog at Grand View Park near Mount Sutro (at Grand View Park)

Exercising in the City (at Grand View Park)

Sightseeing at Lake Tahoe, had no access to Internet, but it was a lot of fun! (at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe)

We saw the bison at Golden Gate Park and then Chai explored the grass! (at Spreckles Lake)

Up here they just call it the City (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Diamond Heights out to Excelsior, Ingleside, and San Bruno Mountain from Twin Peaks (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Chillin with my loved ones (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))