Started as a 1 a day photo blog, and has documented my life over the years. I started out in South Central, LA, and am now based in Oakland, CA.

hotep = peace (Ancient Egypt)


We saw the bison at Golden Gate Park and then Chai explored the grass! (at Spreckles Lake)

Up here they just call it the City (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Diamond Heights out to Excelsior, Ingleside, and San Bruno Mountain from Twin Peaks (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Chillin with my loved ones (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Chilling with my lived ones (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

One more from yesterday, the stairs up Telegraph Hill (at Filbert Steps)

#chasingfog at Coit Tower #iphone #vscocam (at The Coit Tower)

Good morning!

Next up is this book by the great @elseed ! His fusion of Arabic calligraphy and graffiti is unparalleled! Check him out #tunisia #arabic #summerread

Just finished this history of Asian- Americans by the great Ronald Takaki, I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you are interested in Califonian or Hawaiian history. #summerread #history